Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hold On Hold

This is the late night news on the late late news.

The Honorable Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said the Cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister wanted the objections voiced by various parties on the controversial Islamic Family Law Act 2005, which was passed by Parliament last month, to be thoroughly discussed. The gazetting of the said Family Law is now put ON HOLD.

Meanwhile the Minsiter of Law has reiterated that investigations into the accused corrupt practises by the Minister of Trade and Industry has been put ON HOLD. Indefinetely.

The staff union of the Tenaga Nasional today at its emergency council meeting has resolved to submit an appeal to the Honorable Prime Minister for his intervention on the increments and bonus payments that had been put ON HOLD.

And upon returning from Perth, the Honorable Prime Minister, has reiterated that the much talked about cabinet reshuffle, due to his current lack of inspirations, is put ON HOLD.

Telekom Malaysia in its campaign to instill respect in houses of worships has issued a message to all users of mobile phones to place all calls ON HOLD while observing their worships.

The Malaysian Police has issued silent directives to all its staff to put ON HOLD the campaign on Saya Benci Rasuah.

And finally, the main news bulletin.

Sorry, further news is put ON HOLD.......... ooi, what happened to my make-up??


dr in the house said...

Of the that several 'on hold' news you've listed, the ON HOLD investigations into the alleged corruptions of MITI minister, should be going full-speed already and by right, a transparent report should be out by now! Don't tell me they are hoping that we Malaysians are going to have a memory lapse on it? Then again, we just might, Malaysians being Malaysians!

Ku Keng said...

Puan Dr.: The computer recorded, as at 10:45 pm yesterday, your body going through a process of increased adrenaline. With pressure and heartbeats gradually increasing. Pupils dilating. All comments to your comments now put on hold until you stabilise. Take several deep breath; to be followed with a cold shower.

Anonymous said...

Tuan Keng:
Good idea to have a Malaysian Directory for ON HOLD businesses. Contents roughly:
Eric Chia Perwaja case;
Kasitah Gadam scandal;
Isa Samad Money Politics;
Rafida Aziz AP issue;
MAS world cultural commitments;
MATIC Building Investigation;
Agusta Motorcycle debacle by Proton;
Hantu Voters in Kelantan;
Goings On at Balai Polis;
etc., etc.

Hold On I need to go to the loo....

- Gari

Anonymous said...

Ayah Keng

Last week i'd read one article "Sharon meets his Maker" I assume his Maker also put ON HOLD to meet him.


Ku Keng said...

Gari: Why not? But I am busy at the moment, can I put it on hold? :)
Ambo: Hor demo lagi! Sakarat yang panje tu satu nyekso-en. Tu lah perlunya kito ddo-or sokmor untuk husnul khaatimah. Jange lupo yo adik kakak.

sya said...



Hello.. Im Mr. Keng I wish to speak to Mr. Kong .. is he in?

HOL ON aaaa Mr. Keng, I chek wif his Seketeri.. HOL ON aaaa

(miss operator press 'hold' button.........)

Hello Mr. keng, soli aaa, mr. kong ask to HOL ON... wan minit aaa

oppps is it about HOL ON or ON HOL???

Ku Keng said...

kak sya: kah, kah, kah .... ini macam dari pengalaman je! :))

usha said...


Depa semua tak perasan, Mati tak bole ON HOLD..
Dunia ON HOLD jawab..
Akhirat minta HOLD ON...boleh ke?

Ish!ish! ni kene 'muhasabah' diri kite juge ni..bukan hanya depa2 je.

-sekadar renungan

Ku Keng said...

usha: on hold, on hold, on hold sehinggakan ada orang mati yang dimarah oleh orang hidup, "Kenapa masa mula sakit dulu tak mau pergi berubat dengan doktor pakar, mungkin boleh sembuh!" Simati agaknya berkata, "Kau yang bodoh. Aku sekarang dlm keadaan yang lebih aman dan baik. Hold on to your comments!"

k.. said...

Tok keng,

di dunia ni bulehla..kita nak hold on.. put on hold..tapi ingat padahnya di akhirat kelak.. kalau solat pun ditangguh2.. alamatnye..hole in one la...annaarul'uzubillah..