Sunday, December 18, 2005

TSUNAMI - soon on me?

Will we have another Tsunami? Will it recur on this anniversary date of the one that struck Acheh (including also the Andaman, Sri Lanka, South India, Thailand, and Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia)?

According to a recent article in the Straits Times of Singapore: "Thailand's now iconic meteorologist, Dr Smith Dharmasaroja, who in 1998 predicted a killer tsunami would hit Thailand one day and was ignored, told The Straits Times that Singapore and Malaysia are also in danger from a future earthquake and tsunami.

'I believe the epicentre of future quakes will shift northwards, north of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. A big earthquake with a more northerly epicentre than the Dec 26 quake will generate a tsunami which will have a more direct route down to the Strait of Malacca, swamping Singapore and Malaysia. As the sea passage narrows, more water will build up and the wave will become bigger. Singapore is relatively low-lying and quite flat, and would be badly affected. Remember, in December, the tsunami was 30m high at Banda Aceh. At Khao Lak, it was 16m high,' he said".

To many of us, we think that earthquakes are not a common phenomena. And that is where we err. There are earthquakes almost weekly. Full records of earthquakes that had occured during the last 30 days .Maybe the magnitude is not one that would cause massive destructions such as the Tsunami of 2004, but let us be reminded that danger lurks.

The Koran reminded us of the ultimate destruction of the earth in the form of an earthquake or zilzilah. On how the mountains would overturn and the earth rolled up. But has the existing signs brought me closer to the Creator? I am still searching for the truth in me.

Seismic Monitoring is a real eye-opener on how far or near I am or we are to the epicentres of the quakes.

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Hakim said...

Is it safe for me to go swimming in Langkawi during the coming Xmas holidays, then?