Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yesterday I collected my MyKad. It was easy after all.

Went as far as Kota Damansara to do it. No hassle. Short queue. Easy parking. What more could I ask. That was two months ago when I went to apply for it, and pronto this week, that is, two days ago I got it. But how does it look? My gosh. Reflections of the ceiling light on my glasses. I look as if I am blind. My grey/white hair against the white backdrop. Made me look as if I am bald! No further comments. After all it is free. The MyKad is just exactly what I badly needed. An identity to remind me of my sex, race and religion. No dispute or excuses now. I could no longer plead ignorant and enter female toilets as it is very clear now that I am a male.

But words are around that we are now going replace this card with more sophisticated ones. Smarter ones. The card of the future or the Future Card. (This animated power point presentation sent me by Fay of Jiboi and Arthur of Sydney, takes a while to download. Once done, right click to see the animations) So beware fellow Malaysians, in future be careful of what you do, Big Brother will be watching you.

(Note: The MyKad above is not mine. So don't be too happy. It is a MyKad sample as circulated by IRIS, the technology provider)


Abe said...

MyKad..not a good news after all. The IRB will be after us, and worst still the wife will know it that we have pasang dua!! The database will be exposed!

Ku Keng said...

That is something that had not been told to us! Thanks for the warning.