Saturday, December 24, 2005

Knowing Uncle, He Would Not Say Anything! He Would Just Pull the Trigger!

23 December 2005
What Would Uncle Bin Say?

OSAMA bin Laden's scantily clad niece sprawls provocatively on a bed in a picture which would horrify her terrorist uncle.

Wafah Dufour, 26 - daughter of bin Laden's brother - appears in GQ magazine wearing lingerie, a feather boa and high heels.

The Saudi beauty lives in New York and studied law before launching a pop music career.

Wafah, who took her mother's maiden name after 9/11, claims she has never met her feared uncle.

She said: "Everyone relates me to that man but I have nothing to do with him. I couldn't believe what was happening in New York. It was my home."


Anonymous said...

No, Uncle Bin would not do as you suggested. Being a gentleman and an uncle, he would unwrapped his turban and wrapped it around her body. From the look of Wafah's face, she looked lonely. Maybe it is her longing for her prodigal uncle. And Uncle Bin too looks distant. Both could be mutually missing each other.

k.. said...

don't bullshit urselves...!!

this is pure jew's propaganda to tarnish the good name of the bin laden's family...

it she is truely blood-related to the bin laden family...then its a proven fact that there's always a black-sheep in a family...

never blame d uncle for her misbehaviours..but blame d parents for her upbringing...??

Anonymous said...

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