Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dah Agak Dah .....

Tiap-tiap tahun. Samo yo. Ekao borcuti, tinggal eden yo sorang-sorang buek kojo. Eden ponek takdo sapo tau! Tak apolah,

ontah apo yang baru? Perangai lamo jugo.


Anonymous said...

HaPpy New YeaR and best wishes for 2006, Keng.
2005 was indeed a strange year: d ailing National Airlines getting involved in the business of artworks; d National Art Gallery not knowing of its missing art collections; d Government apologising to China for atrocities against our own citizens; and the dead voting in elections.

Well Keng you have just less than a day left to go to "enjoy" all these madness.


nbn said...


Selamat Tahun Baharu..2006

ChikaDior said...

samat tahon baru utk kamu!

Ku Keng said...

saya cuba mengklikkan link untuk mengucap selamat kembali, tapi rupa-rupanya klik itu tak selamat. Tahun Baru nanti, kita mesti diselamatkan. Harap-harapnya.

P Tan said...


Happy New Year!
Every year brings a new age, but don't be afraid to grow old. Old is gold. Old folks are worth a fortune. They have silver in their hair; gold in their teeth; stones in their kidneys; gas in their stomach; kencing pun dah manis, dan darah pun ada kelas - tinggi.

Another New Year to enjoy with your loved ones and with nature.


Ku Keng said...

P Tan: Thanks for your well wishes, and the same for you too. But in future as I have reminded you, send in less messages or notes. Send more money. That is a better token of prosperity.
To all other that have sms me: Thank you as well for the kind thoughts.