Monday, December 12, 2005


"Keng" is the cheek-bone. Somehow or rather others must have it soft but mine is hard. They use to say it is as hard as tembaga - an alloy of copper, brass, nickel, silver, iron, etc. Whenever I couldn't agree with what the adults opined, they would just snarled to me and say "keras keng betul budak ning". And just yesterday Tun Mahathir encouraged all Malaysians to speak out. Be brave. So Malaysians be Keras Keng, if you are right, as I am always are ....

Will post more.

Girl from the Sara Tribe of
Africa. Not a keras keng
sufferer but a thing of beauty
among them.


bergen said...

Thank you for visiting.

I've seen how it's done, pump in air into the carcass but I've never done it.

Nice title for a blog to suggest the kind of guy you are.

Write away, mate.

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